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Muslim Preacher Claims Nasi Lemak Is Part Of Illuminati’s Secret Plan To Corrupt Muslims

Source: Facebook

There were several conspiracy theories about the Illuminati and the organisation’s symbol, the Eye of Providence that are going around, but none of them have solid evidence to prove it.

Recently, a conspiracy theory was introduced by a Muslim preacher, Ustad Harun Jalil as he claimed that nasi lemak wrapped in a triangle resembles Illuminati’s Eye of Providence.

With this, he urges Muslims to boycott nasi lemak packed in such a manner as it is part of the Jew’s conspiracy to corrupt Muslims.

However, Malaysians were amused with his theory given that there many other food that comes in a triangle, for example, our favourite roti tissue.

This particular post also caught the attention of Seputeh MP Teresa Kok as she later shared a screenshot of the post on her Facebook page.

In the comment section, many netizens called out to the preacher for promoting such conspiracy theories that could cause people to look down on the religion.

Many netizens also urge the preacher to check on the shape of KLIA airport and he will be surprised to find that it’s a shape of the cross, which is most commonly interpreted as the symbol of Christianity.

In general, Malaysians, whether Muslims or non-Muslims do not seem to be convinced by the preacher’s claims and find him hilarious.

Apparently, the same preacher had been spreading hate speech on social media, urging Muslims to refrain from taking food from non-Muslims, claiming they will put poison in their food.

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