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Woman who earned $200,000 selling fart jars hospitalized

To that person who chooses to let one out before alighting the train, you may want to consider a change in career after reading this article.

It was reported that a woman in the US earns over S$60,000 weekly by only selling her farts in jars.

Stephanie Matto, a former reality TV star turned TikTok celebrity is raking in thousands of dollars selling her fart jars to anyone willing to part with S$1,300.

However, after experiencing chest pains, she admitted herself to the hospital.

Fearing the worst, she found out that her change of diet and unconventional career has got her producing excess gas.

Doctors later advised her to stay off the baked beans and eggs while also taking gas suppressant medication.

Hospitalised for excessive gas

Ms Matto admitted herself to the hospital after experiencing chest pains. Fearing that they were symptoms of heart attack, she underwent several tests to identify the root of her problems.

However, she was told that the pain was a result of excess gas produced by her diet of baked beans and eggs.

The doctors essentially ended her career as a fart-repreneur and advised that she change her diet and take the proper medication.

Fart jars cost up to S$1,300 each

The sale of her fart jars started in Nov 2021, with each of them costing around S$1,300.

At the peak of her business, she had to reportedly squeeze out 50 jars worth of farts in a week.

Besides, she also shared that she would often change her diet to change the smell of her farts.

Money to be made if there is demand

While lucrative, her career was bound to come to an end as it was ultimately chipping away at her health.

While we can’t knock her hustle, this story is proof that if there’s a demand for it, there will always be someone willing to pay.


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