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Prices Of Chicken And Eggs Most Likely To Soar After Price Control Ends On 4 February

NewsPrices Of Chicken And Eggs Most Likely To Soar After Price Control...

The Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Alexander Nanta Linggi has warned of the increase in prices of chicken and eggs after the Malaysian Family Maximum Price Scheme ends on 4 February.

He said this move is to ensure a “win-win” situation between consumer groups and farmers in the country, reported NST.

Nanta said the price increase was decided during an engagement session between his ministry, the Agriculture and Food Industry Ministry, and Finance Ministry in Putrajaya on 6 January.

“In yesterday’s discussion, some farmers’ associations complained about livestock prices and operating costs which were said to have increased including the cost of importing chicken feed.”

“Currently, the maximum retail price of a whole chicken is RM9.10 per kg and it is said to be low, therefore they are still considering the decision to increase the price of chicken to protect the consumers and traders,” he said.

Source: Malay Mail

Given the possibility of a price hike in the coming months, Nanta urged the public to be prepared for such an eventuality as he assures that his ministry would continue to find the best mechanism to protect the interests of consumers, traders and breeders.

“I hope consumers would understand the complexity of this problem. It is not as easy as we think because if farmers could not afford to produce more chicken, in the end, it is us who will be affected when there is no supply.”

“However, the decision on the price increase reached during the engagement session will depend on the implementation of several other strategies, including importing chicken from abroad which we believe could stabilise the chicken prices.” he said.

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