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Anti-Vaxxers Allegedly Willing To Pay RM2,500 For Their Vaccination Certificate

Social NewsAnti-Vaxxers Allegedly Willing To Pay RM2,500 For Their Vaccination Certificate

In a press conference on Thursday (6 January), Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin had revealed a shocking 14% of Omicron cases among the Umrah travelers were not fully vaccinated.

This actually poses a more serious question, how did they get through the various checks?

While everybody was puzzled by it, a Twitter user shared a screenshot of a conversation, showing how one can get their MySejahtera status changed without actually getting vaccinated.

According to Twitter user @FatinRazzaq_, the screenshot was taken from a Malaysian anti-vaxxer Telegram group. Apparently, someone is meddling with the vaccination status in MySejahtera and the client only has to give their full name and identification card (IC) to change their MySejahtera status.

“Can be used everywhere and is safe even if there are any enforcement checks.”

Meanwhile, the message also assured its clients that they will be able to move freely without any worry as the vaccination status will be updated from time to time, and that their details will be kept secret for the safety of everyone involved.

Source: ABC

Nonetheless, this “vaccination certificate” does not come cheap and it is sold for a whooping RM2,500.

Once payment was made, the client only have to wait for 7 to 14 days for their MySejahtera to update.

The message also said that they can get a discount if they managed to get more than 5 people who also want to get the service too.

Meanwhile, netizens were impressed by the cost to just change one’s MySejahtera status and that these anti-vaxxers are willing to go through such lengths to not get vaccinated.

“That’s a pity. They have to pay such a large amount to lie, when the vaccine is free.” a netizen said.

On the other hand, some netizens speculated that this is the job of an insider.

“I can say this must be the ones handling the PPV’s job because only they have the access to the key in these details.” a netizen said.

Having said that, Khairy has previously announced that the booster shots are now available, and here’s a reminder for us to register for it.

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