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Taliban orders shop owners to ‘behead’ mannequins as figures representing human form not allowed

Shop owners in Afghanistan were ordered to remove the heads of mannequins as according to the Taliban, figures representing the human form contravene Islamic laws.

A video posted on Twitter on Jan. 3, which received more than 960,000 views at the time of writing, showed a shop owner in the city of Herat sawing off mannequins’ heads.

The video also showed several mannequin heads on the ground that had been sawn off.

The head of the Ministry for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice located in Herat, Aziz Rahman, confirmed the order.

“We have ordered the shopkeepers to cut the heads off mannequins as this is against the Sharia law,” he said, as quoted by AFP.

And if shop owners decided to cover or hide the entire mannequin to avoid beheading them, he claimed that the “angels of Allah will not enter their shop or house and bless them”.

Shop owners angered

The move angered shop owners in the city of Herat, which has a population of around 600,000.

To circumvent the order, some shop owners hid or covered the mannequins’ heads.

One garment seller, Basheer Ahmed, questioned the move, “When there is no mannequin, how do you expect us to sell our products?”

“The customer likes it when the garment is draped properly over a mannequin,” he added.


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