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Raja Bomoh Is Back! He’s Praying For The Floods To Recede This Time

Social NewsRaja Bomoh Is Back! He's Praying For The Floods To Recede This...

Ibrahim Mat Zin or also known as the “Raja Bomoh” has made a comeback and this time, he’s performing rituals to pray for the recent floods in Malaysia to recede.

This time, he brought another woman along with him, who was being known as “Puteri Zaleha” from the Serai Semambu organisation.

A video of their ritual was being shared on Perak Press Facebook page, where they reported that the ritual took place near Teluk Gelanggang, Teluk Intan yesterday (5 January).

Meanwhile, both Raja Bomoh and Puteri Zaleha can be seen conducting their rituals with several items such as leaves, flowers and more importantly the holy book of the Muslims, Quran.

“O Allah, my god, I called upon You, O Allah, do not bring down any calamity in this country. Come and go, it is indeed your work, O Allah, but calm these people so that their lives are peaceful and not afflicted by calamities.”

“Do not drown this place O God, I beg to You O God,” Zaleha was heard praying.

After the chanting, Puteri Zaleha can be heard singing the song “Mayang Sari”.

Source: Facebook

While being asked by the person who was recording the scene, Raja Bomoh said the ritual was to pray to God for the flood to recede.

“The ritual we are doing today is a ritual brought down from the past. We pray to Allah SWT, we ask that Teluk Intan not be flooded again, with Allah’s permission.”

“We pray to God, we did the ritual by the beach to greet the Prophet Khidir with Puteri Zaleha, the founder of Serai Semambu.”

“We ask for floods in all places in Malaysia to recede, not just in Teluk Intan, but the whole of Malaysia, and the whole world,” Raja Bomoh said.

Raja Bomoh first became the center of attention after the disappearance of MH370 in 2014 after he performed a ritual at KLIA Sepang to help locate the plane using coconuts and bamboo sticks used as “binoculars”.

In 2017, he appeared in several places performing rituals again, after North Korean leader’s brother, Kim Jong Nam was being murdered in Malaysia. At the time, he used coconuts, bamboo and five bamboo cannons, which he claimed were to protect the country from nuclear attack by North Korea.

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