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Netizen Calls Out To KKM After Man With Pink Wristband Spotted Onboard Malaysian Airlines

Social NewsNetizen Calls Out To KKM After Man With Pink Wristband Spotted Onboard...

A Malaysian Airlines (MAS) passenger had recently taken to social media to raise concerns about another passenger, who was sitting across from her on a flight from Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan, Pahang, was allegedly allowed to get on board despite wearing a pink Covid-19 quarantine wristband.

In an open letter to MAS, the Health Ministry, and its Minister, Khairy Jamaluddin, she claimed that the passenger who boarded the flight on 2 January, appeared to be wearing a pink tag, similar to the ones given out to Persons Under Investigation (PUI) and individuals who are ordered to undergo Home Surveillance Order (HSO).

She also shared several images of the passenger and said she was unable to see the writing on the tag clearly but claimed that it had dates marked on it.

Source: Facebook

The photo showed a man sitting by the window and he wore a pink shirt that matched the colour of the wristband on his left arm.

“Writings on the tag were hindered due to the orientation of his wrist and movements, but the noticeable date could be seen as – 09/01/2022.” she wrote.

Source: Facebook

She then immediately inform the nearest flight attendant and she was equally as shocked that this could have happened. Following that, a flight attendant relocated her and had spoke with the passenger.

Upon arrival at their destination, she asked if there is anything she is required to do, but the flight attendant told her that they would make a report about the incident and there’s no further instructions given to her or the other passengers as they disembarked the plane.

After the incident, she filed 2 separate complaints to MAS and the airline only inform her that they were investigating the issue.

She also shared a snapshot of the reply she got from MAS via email, saying they will get back to her within a week or two.

Source: Facebook

Nonetheless, she called out to the authorities to expedite the investigation as the case would possible have a greater impact on our society. She also questioned why the other passengers weren’t being informed of the situation.

“Perhaps, in the tiniest of possibilities, there may be a sensible reason as to why a passenger as such ended up seated in a KL-Kuantan flight. And for exactly that reason alone, this should have been promptly investigated and clarified. And even so, why was he not isolated away from the rest? Why was he allowed on the plane in the first place, are we missing something?” she said.

Meanwhile, MAS has yet to issue an official response. Stay tuned for more updates!

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