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MACC’s Video On Medical Certificate Bribery Causes Massive Uproar

Social NewsMACC's Video On Medical Certificate Bribery Causes Massive Uproar

Have you ever thought of buying medical certificates (MCs) to get a day off from work, especially when you have not utilised much of your sick leave?

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has recently posted a video on Twitter to share a public service announcement to urge people to avoid being involved in buying or selling MCs, as it is actually a form of bribery and it is considered as a crime.

“Can MCs be a form of bribery? Let’s see how this can happen.” MACC wrote in the caption.

Source: Malay Mail

In the video, a man can be seen being in a dimly lit doctor’s office, where the conversation between the doctor and the patient started.

“Based on the report, I can see that you’re not sick. But don’t worry, I will give you painkillers,” the doctor told the man.

After which, the man asked the doctor for an MC and the ominous music started playing in the background.

“If you want an MC, there are ways.” the doctor said. The man then passed the doctor an envelope and said “I think, this can help you, doctor, to help me get an MC.”

The video ends as the doctor takes the envelope while asking the man how many days of MC he would like.

Meanwhile, netizens were not impressed by the video by MACC and said it was a little too dramatic and this is a very unrealistic depiction of how fake MCs are obtained.

“Hahahaha based on the record you are not sick. But I will give you painkillers. Hahahaha, this isn’t bribery, this is wrong reason for prescription.” a netizen said.

“When you see a doctor and if you just say you have diarrhea, you can get an MC. When has there ever been people who give money in an envelope? This is more like purchasing tenders by giving money in envelopes.” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, many believed that corrupted practices are widespread in MACC and they should focus on cleaning up their own act before focusing on others.

“Horrible behaviour, you want to advise and teach the working class but when you have a boss who eats bribes, you keep quiet.” a netizen said.

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