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Apple Features Malaysian Student’s Photo To Kick Off 2022!

Social NewsApple Features Malaysian Student's Photo To Kick Off 2022!

Apple had kicked off the New Year by featuring a photo taken by a 17-year-old Malaysian on its Instagram page!

The photo was posted on 1 January and Apple wrote in the caption “Take a step back and look at the big picture..” and it showed an image of a girl sitting by herself on a pier.

The image was taken by Ling Hou Wah, a student from Puchong, Selangor with his iPhone.

“I really did not expect to be featured. I took the photo in January last year and only posted on my Instagram page in July. In December, Apple emailed saying they are considering the photo to be featured on their Instagram page and needed me to provide some information,” Ling said when contacted by LifestyleTech.

“I believe the person in the photo was part of a group taking wedding photos at the pier. I wanted to achieve a minimalist shot so I decided to just focus on the person looking at the water. For me, the picture is about the sense of calmness,” he said.

Ling also shared that the photo was taken from an observation deck at the Kepong Metropolitan Park in Kuala Lumpur on 10 January 2021.

In his Instagram post of the picture, he wrote “Friends—An important aspect in our lives that can boost our happiness, improve our confidence or provide support during bad times. Without them, we will feel lonely and suffer from health problems.”

“I thought of this caption after seeing the girl sitting alone at the pier.”

Ling added that he is grateful to have his photo featured on Apple’s Instagram where the post had received over 103,900 likes at the time of writing.

He also said his interest in photography started in 2018 when he his father upgraded his phone.

“When l first got hold of his phone, l realised that the camera is really good, so l started to take more pics. From there, I realised that l could just use a phone to take photographs instead of buying a camera.” he said.

Ling said he was shocked when he found out that Apple had posted his photos and was overjoyed with his achievement!

Nonetheless, we would like to congratulate Ling on his achievements and hope that he will achieve higher heights.

Check out Ling’s amazing photos on his Instagram here!

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