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Sepang Municipal Council Under Fire For Fining Flood Victims For Illegal Parking, Agrees To Give Exemption

Social NewsSepang Municipal Council Under Fire For Fining Flood Victims For Illegal Parking,...

Residents in Sepang, Selangor were shocked to find that their vehicles that were left parking out in public places after being damaged by the recent floods were slapped with illegal parking summons from the Sepang Municipal Council (MPS).

In a Facebook post by Ucop MH Tow, he shared a video that showed a row of vehicles parked on a grassy area in front of a workshop, with the MPS parking tickets attached to their front windshields.

“Where is MPS’s sense of concern? Vehicles damaged by floods that are parked in front of a workshop while they’re being repaired were summoned,” he wrote in the captions.

The video went viral on Facebook with many netizens criticising the local authorities and the government for not being compassionate towards flood victims.

“Send petitions to MPS. They should not have done this. Not considerate at all.” a netizen commented.

“Vehicles that aren’t disturbing traffic also got summoned.” another netizen said.

Source: Facebook

Meanwhile, MPS had responded to the viral issue and explain why summons were issued by their parking enforcement units on 28 December 2021.

In the statement, MPS president Datuk Abd Hamid Hussain said a total of 51 vehicles, including those seen in the viral video, were left on parking lots and open public areas at the Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi (BBST) Business Park were fined because they did not have ‘parking coupons’ on display.

He added that the summonses were issued because the vehicle owners and the workshop management failed to pay parking fees or informed MPS that the vehicles that were left there had been damaged by floods.

He said the authorities did not issue fines on vehicles that were left there and clearly showed signs of being damaged by floods.

Meanwhile, he said MPS had a long-standing issue of illegal parking in the area and they were well within their right to issue summons under MBS’s by-laws, which provides a maximum compound of RM1,000.

Abd Hamid added that the area had previously been used as a dumping ground for broken down or unclaimed vehicles and because BBST area was not affected by floods, they don’t want the place to become like a junkyard.

Nonetheless, he said flood victims who have been issued with parking summons can come forward to get an exemption from paying fines.


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