Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“Rohingya Child” Went Viral For Harassing Passersby In KL

Social News"Rohingya Child" Went Viral For Harassing Passersby In KL

The child who came knocking on cars on the road and intimate passengers into donating money to him is once again making rounds on social media for harassing people on the streets.

In a TikTok video that was posted recently, it can be seen that the child has been harassing passersby by blocking their path and annoying them.

The woman in the video can be heard shouting at the child while pushing him away.

Source: TikTok

“Do not disturb me! What’s your problem” the woman said.

It is believed that these children were Rohingya refugees and they were out on the streets to beg people into donating money to them, but with the wrong method.


Reply to @itellthetruthasitis kawan pun pernah kena kacau and ni vid second time dia datang nak duit

♬ original sound – lol – ss

Meanwhile, netizens had in the comment section expressed their frustration that such incident had been getting worse from day to day and the authorities were not doing anything about it.

Many said they would vent their frustrations on the children if they so happen to harass them while they were on the streets.

Meanwhile, many said that particular child could grow up into a gangster if he was not proper education. Some even suggested that he should be taken to the police station for harassing people.

“No one wants to take action? It seems that he had harassed many people.” a netizen commented.

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