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Watch: Children Intimidates Driver Into Donating Money To Him In Cheras

Social NewsWatch: Children Intimidates Driver Into Donating Money To Him In Cheras

The growing wealth gap in the country had been a long-standing problem and poverty rates in the city center, Kuala Lumpur is growing from day to day.

The situation is so bad that children from these families were then forced to endure the challenges of poverty, including begging for money, instead of going to school to receive education.

However, what should you do when the limits of sympathy are being pushed?

Source: Facebook

Recently, a Facebook page Inforoadblock had shared a video showing 2 small children begging for money at a traffic light in Cheras. Out of a sudden, one of the children approached a closed car window and started intimidating the driver and passengers into donating money to him.

“Children believed to be foreigners, begging for alms by the roadside in Cheras.” the admin of the page wrote in the caption.

In the 25-second video, the boy can be seen punching on the door at the driver seat while pointing at the passengers in an effort to intimidate the passengers. The boy also held a stack of cash in his hands.

As the passengers did not respond to his calls, the boy angrily waved his companion towards the car and slam on their window.

In the comment section, netizens said they would smack the boy if they encountered him and said his attitude was the same as to gangsters.

“Open the window and take the money in his hand. Let’s see if he cries or not. A gangster at such a young age.” a netizen said.

“Begging with such thuggish behaviour. Give him a backhand. He’ll be on the ground.” another netizen said.

Meanwhile, it is natural for us to sympathise their situation, but still, the methods used by the boy are just inappropriate and rude.

What would you do if you were in such a situation? Share your thoughts!

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