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M’sian born Masterchef wins Champion of Champions Title with dazzling display of Malaysian food

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Masterchef UK organised a special episode for the New Year by calling back some of their previous winners to battle it out to be the Champion of the Champions.

Participants are former winners of the show Tim Anderson, Saliha Mahmood Ahmed, Kenny Tutt, Irini Tzortzoglou and Malaysian-born Ping Coombes.

Back in 2014, Ping Coombes won the Masterchef UK competition with some seriously good nasi lemak and wonton soup.

While in the Champion of the Champions episode, Ping cooked 3 dishes for the judges and they are chilli pan mee, claypot chicken rice and ais kacang, according to Belfast Telegraph.

It was her claypot chicken rice with ais kacang that got her the title “champion of the champions”.

If you notice, the chicken is not your normal chicken but a guinea fowl with rice stuffed inside of it. There were also shards of crispy rice on the side, a lime, ginger, and chilli gel, and a guinea fowl sauce.

Paired with it is an ais kacang that is made of coconut ice, peanut powder, sweet corn mousse and rose flavoured meringue shards. It was so yummy that one of the judges almost finished the whole dish and then said, “It’s so good I can’t leave it alone. Your food’s lovely.”

Ping was so happy that the judges loved her food and with those dishes, she soared to the top.

You can watch one of the highlights here:

Ipoh-born Ping Coombes currently resides in Bath, UK and she runs a restaurant there called Ping’s Makan Club. Furthermore, she has her own cooking classes as well and a cookbook named MALAYSIA.

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