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Account admin intern secures a permanent employment from Mydin’s big boss after hilarious tweet

Hiring can be challenging at times. However, the administrator of supermarket and retail chain Mydin’s official Twitter account has landed permanent employment via a tweet.

One of the darlings of the Malaysian Twittersphere, it was revealed that Mydin’s account administrator was an intern who would have finished their time there by the end of 2021.

Many social media users immediately got to work and prompted Mydin to consider giving their Twitter admin intern a permanent job.

The tweet attracted local cinema operator, GSC and online video streaming service provider, iQIYI, both who replied to the tweet asking the intern to submit their resume to them instead.

Mydin’s Twitter admin then tweeted to their big boss, Datuk Wira Ameer Ali Mydin, asking him for the permanent position after a user DarwisyAnuar ‘threatened’ to unfollow their account on December 23.

On January 1, Ameer Ali responded to the tweet by giving the nod to the request with a simple ‘ok’ from his own Twitter account.

This triggered applause from social media users.

“Lmao! Simple as pimple,”.

“Man secured a job through a tweet,”.

“Your tweet makes me want to convert my groceries purchase from Tesco to Mydin,”.

The tweet has garnered over 6,000 likes with over 4,000 retweets with social media users also amused with the way Ameer replied to the tweet by comparing it to how ‘fathers’ would normally reply.

“That fatherly reply, so cute,”.

“This is a typical fatherly reply,”.

Mydin’s Twitter admin celebrated the permanent status on Twitter with a few more funny tweets.

Mydin managed to rise to the top of their social media game after tweeting an image of their Sri Muda branch with the name sign edited to ‘Ourdin’.

The play on the name was a hit, as it came after Mydin head honcho said he forgave looters who broke into their Shah Alam store and expressed his understanding of their situation being stranded flood victims who were cut off from food supply for days.

Mydin also launched their ‘Ourdin’ campaign selling exclusive ‘Ourdin’ shirts with all proceeds going towards flood victims.


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