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Kuantan residents are asked to be ready for the second wave of floods

Residents in 10 villages and parks in the district were asked to be prepared for any possible second wave of floods following heavy rains and high tide.

According to the Kuantan flood information, the 10 areas that are expected to be affected by the weather conditions are, Tanah Putih; Cenderawasih, Sungai Isap, Permatang Badak, Bukit Rangin, settlements near Sungai Galing, housing along Sungai Belat and around Sungai Pahang and Panching.

The preparedness notice was issued to residents in the area referring to the weather forecast involving continuous heavy rain and high tide on Sunday night with an estimated height of 3.5 meters.

“If the heavy rains continue, especially in the urban areas of Kuantan, Sri Damai, Gambang, Panching and Sungai Lembing, the potential for the Kuantan River to collide with the tide is very high.

“Therefore, the areas that will usually be affected are the 10 settlements involved,” according to the notification.

Accordingly, all Rescue Agencies are required to be on high alert and ready for a period of 24 hours to 48 hours starting Sunday morning.

Locations are expected to be likely to be flooded under their respective zones and the response time level at evacuation centers is increased to at least 30 minutes from complaints received.

To ensure prompt and prompt action, all agencies are advised to be at the operations center that has been determined by the agency as appropriate.


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