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Khairy: Over 3,000 People On MySejahtera Reported To Be Suffering From Depression

NewsKhairy: Over 3,000 People On MySejahtera Reported To Be Suffering From Depression

Health Minister had revealed that over 3,000 respondents on the MySejahtera app reported that they are having feelings of depression and sadness, based on the data as of 15 December 2021.

Khairy said this in response to a question by Senator Ahmad Yahaya in the Dewan Negara who asked for the number of depression and anxiety cases identified through the MySejahtera app, reported Code Blue.

Khairy also said there were a total of 9,009 individuals who took the Minda Sihat test on MySejahtera and the survey found that about 37% or 3,296 respondents reported feelings of depression and sadness, while 45% or 4,045 respondents said they felt apathetic and have lack of interest and enthusiasm in their day-to-day activities.

Source: neurologyadvisor

Meanwhile, the Minda Sihat test is a psychology measurement tool designed to measure the level of depression, anxiety, and stress of an individual, primarily public health care workers.

The screening tool was included in MySejahtera from 20 August 2021 and it is used to identify people who are at risk of mental health issues.

However, Khairy said the tool is not a diagnosis of depression or anxiety disorders, but only to identify those who may have early symptoms of mental health problems and they will need to undergo further evaluation.

Khairy also said the Minda Sihat self-screening initiative is an initial phase of digitising mental health services and the ministry will continue to improve its function in the future.

This includes strengthening the risk assessment process as well as establishing a referral system process to health facilities for individuals who are screened and found to be at risk for mental health problems.

Apart from the Minda Sihat test, the MySejahtera app also provides information on psychosocial support helpline and mental health for the community that will be continuously updated.

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