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Bread price hike due to increase of cost

After Gardenia Bakeries increased the price of its products on Dec 1, 2021, its competitor, The Italian Baker has decided to do the same.

The Italian Baker, which produces bread and other bakery products under the Massimo brand, has revised the retailer and consumer prices of its products effective yesterday (Jan 1), according to a notice of the price hike.

The new price for consumers includes RM2.80 for a loaf of White Sandwich 400g, up from RM2.38. The White Sandwich 600g will cost RM4, up from RM3.35, while a 400g loaf of Wheat Germ, which was priced at RM2.48, will be increased to RM3.00.

The new price for Wheat Germ 600g is RM4.25, up from RM3.71. Other new prices include RM4.10 for 100% Whole Wheat and RM1.00 for the Duetto cream buns.

In a letter addressed to its retailers, the company said the increase in the price of its various bread and other bakery products would take effect from Dec 1.

According to Gardenia, the increase was due to the hike in the cost of raw materials and freight charges.


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