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Woman In Penang Gives Birth In Car After Being Turned Away By Public Hospital

NewsWoman In Penang Gives Birth In Car After Being Turned Away By...

A pregnant woman in Penang had ended up delivering her baby in the car after a public hospital turned down her request to be admitted, saying she was not going into labour.

According to a Facebook page ‘Penangku Viral’, the woman from Sungai Ara, George Town, had checked into the hospital in Seberang Perai at 11 a.m. after there were signs that labour was imminent.

However, the Facebook page did not mention on specifically the day that the incident occurred.

It was reported that about an hour and a half later, the doctor came to check on her and found that her cervix was only dilated to 2cm. After which, at 3.15 p.m., the woman was told to go home as the hospital told her that she was not going into labour.

The woman and her husband then pleaded with the hospital staff to let them stay at the ward as they are staying far away from the hospital, but the staff disregarded their pleas and sent them away.

Source: Facebook

Unfortunately, the couple were forced to leave for home with all the frustrations inside them.

They reach home at around 5.15 p.m. but around 7 p.m., the woman told her husband that she need to get to the hospital again.

However, the husband did a quick check on the traffic situation through Waze and it showed that Penang General Hospital was 50 minutes away while Seberang Jaya Hospital was an hour and 20 minutes away.

The woman ended up delivering her baby in the car before her husband could reach any of the public hospitals.

Given the situation, the husband had to take her to the nearest private hospital and they had to pay for an “unexpected” bill.

After the incident went viral on social media, a Penang Health Department spokesman said they will investigate the matter and come up with a report for further action from the Ministry of Health.


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