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KKM Urge ‘Nasi Paku’ Trend To Be Stopped Immediately Over Food Hazard Concerns

When it comes to the preparation of food, there are several things that we need to take note of. Apart from making sure the food and kitchen equipment are clean, we need to be mindful what we put on the plate, or the packaging.

Recently, a dish called ‘Nasi Paku’ had gained popularity in Kota Bharu, Kelantan, but it does not just go famous for its rich flavours. As its name suggested, its packaging was put together with just a nail holding it.

Nonetheless, the Health Ministry (KKM) has called for this trend to be stopped immediately, due to concerns over food hazard.

In a series of tweets, KKM revealed a boy that has been admitted to a hospital for swallowing a nail while having his meal. It was reported that the child had suffered great pain in his stomach.

After the doctor’s inspection, the x-ray showed that the nail had already gone to the child’s stomach and they were left with no choice but to perform emergency surgery to remove the nail.

Following which, the ministry had advised the public to avoid buying food packaging that contain nails or place such objects near the dining room or in a place easily accessible by children.

In addition, the ministry also advise people to avoid including sharp objects in the food packaging process.

This is because nails are categorised as a “food hazard” and are not suitable for use as a method of food packaging. The ministry also suggested using rubber bands as it is safer.

In the comment section, some netizens also pointed out that staplers too, cause food hazards, despite it being much smaller and people often fail to notice it even if they had swallowed one.

Some blamed it on the restaurant owner for creating such hazardous trends just for marketing purposes, without considering the safety of their customers.

Lastly, KKM also warned restaurants that they can be prosecuted under the Food Act 1983 for the practice had caused harm to the public for causing food hazard.

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