Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Dato’ Seri Vida Offers To Become Rina Harun’s Media Advisor

Social NewsDato' Seri Vida Offers To Become Rina Harun's Media Advisor

Celebrity entrepreneur Dato’ Seri Hasmiza Othman, or more commonly known as Dato’ Seri Vida (DS Vida) has denied claims of her likes to “meddle in the spotlight” whenever a controversial issue goes viral or makes the headlines nationwide.

This comes after she uploaded a photo of her with Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Datuk Seri Rina Harun on her Instagram recently shortly after Rina Harun came under fire over her viral water jet fiasco.

“I’m a controversial celebrity, viral issues are always synonymous to me,” DS Vida was quoted saying by mStar

“For instance, I decided to post about the viral ‘ikan siakap’ case since I happened to be in Langkawi at that time. It wasn’t as if I intentionally flew there to get publicity.” she added.

Commenting on Rina Harun, DS Vida explained that both of them knew each other personally and they so happened to have taken a picture together.

Source: Instagram

“I’m not taking advantage of the situation. Honestly speaking, I’m very active on social media. So whatever things that’s taking place, I feel the need to know.” she said.

Meanwhile, DS Vida was reported to have offered herself to be a media advisor for the Titiwangsa Member of Parliament (MP).

“I’m not taking advantage, or flattering YB Rina Harun in order to gain her favour. To tell you the truth, she’s a good person.” Dato’ Seri Vida said.

She added that Rina Harun have a lot of plans to help single mothers and women out there at large, but she was being brought down by such issues.

“It’s not that I want to back her up, but that’s the fact. Maybe she doesn’t have a social media advisor, so I should be her advisor instead.” DSV said.

What do you think about this combination between DS Vida and Rina Harun? Share your thoughts!

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