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M’sian Influencer YBB gets assaulted by 2 men and had bruises all over her body

Back in May 2021, Malaysian influencer Yang Bao Bei was in the spotlight as her gambling addiction was brought to light.

It is said that in order to sustain the addiction, she borrowed money from her friends, family, loan sharks and even resorted to scamming some of her followers.

On the night of 29 December, Yang Bao Bei posted about how she and her sister were beaten up by 2 strangers. She started off her post by saying:

“My sister and I were caught and beaten up by 2 strange men when I went to my old home to pick up my car.”

Yang Bao Bei elaborated and said that she and her sister were punched in the face and kicked in the abdomen.

“These few months I did not really talk a lot as I was trying hard to solve my problems and not mull in the past.” “I try my hardest to pay my debts but my close ones are still getting threatened via calls and texts.”

Further, she added that there was once when a few big burly men went to her friend’s shop to wreak havoc and trash the place.

The influencer said that even though there were a lot of problems in her life, she did not think of escaping and wanted to solve each and every one of them. Even with effort on her part, the last thing that she wanted to happen took place.

“We are just small women with no power, why do you have to be so heavy handed?”

Meanwhile, the influencer said that it all happened very fast and they were unable to resist. In the end, the 2 men even took the few hundred ringgit that they had on them and ran off.

Fortunately, a kind man by the name of Mr Lee called an ambulance and a tow truck for them. The women were brought to the hospital for treatment and they also made a police report.

“The both of us are safe now but it was a very traumatic experience. Please allow us to rest and heal in peace.”

At the end of the post, she left a message for “the one behind the scenes.”

“One should answer for what they do themselves, I have paid you back every month, so please stop harassing and hurting my family!”


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