Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Celebrity Preacher Said Muslims Should Not Help Clean Non-Muslim Houses Of Worship

Social NewsCelebrity Preacher Said Muslims Should Not Help Clean Non-Muslim Houses Of Worship

Since the devastating flood landed in several parts of the country, there were several stories of Malaysians of all races and religions band together to help each other get through this difficult times.

Meanwhile, one of the most notable stories were Malaysians, regardless of race and religion, helped clean various places of worship and this showed the true Malaysian Family spirit.

Although most Malaysians supported this, some religious teachers had voiced out to remind Muslims to refrain from helping to clean up other houses of worship all together.

In a recent TikTok video, a celebrity preacher Ustaz Azhar Idrus said that Muslims should refrain from cleaning up non-Muslims’ houses of worship that were affected by the floods, while making reference to Prophet Ibrahim’s story, who went into a temple in his town to demolish their idols.

“Look at Prophet Ibrahim’s story. Did he clean up the temple or did he hit it?” he asked his audiences.

“We can’t ‘hit’, because we live in a multi-racial country. If we said that it’d be defamatory, do you understand,”

Source: Twitter

“So, don’t interfere. It’s your own matter and your own religion. To idol worshipers, we don’t want to interfere,” he said.

With this, Azhar said Muslims can only clean up mosques and surau, but not houses of worship of other religions.

“Can Muslims clean up Hindu temples that have been affected by the floods? There is nothing to be cleaned.”

“We have our own religion. We can clean up mosques and surau, but we do not wash idols. And through that, we can differentiate those who are faithful from those who are impious.” he said.

The video went viral with many netizens condemning him for making such remarks. A netizen said he still hold on to the belief that Islam respects other religions.

Meanwhile, netizens also pointed out that people of other religions had helped Muslims to clean up mosques too, and refusing to help other races just shows how extreme and radical we are.

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Watch the video here:

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