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Library In KL Allegedly Refused Entry Of 2 Refugee Students

Social NewsLibrary In KL Allegedly Refused Entry Of 2 Refugee Students

Yayasan Chow Kit founder Hartini Zainudin has called out to the Kuala Lumpur Library, which is operated by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) for barring her 2 refugee students from entering the library.

In a Twitter post, Hartini said her 2 refugee students only wanted to read within the library and they do not intend to borrow any books.

“DBKL library wouldn’t allow 2 of my refugee kids in to read. They didn’t even want to borrow books just read on premise.”

“Told they cannot enter. Fine! We’ll build our own library for all kids. So angry” she wrote.

In a separate tweet, Hartini said they will come up with a list of books the students wanted to read and they will create their own public space for the students.

When being asked why they have barred entry to the library, Hartini explained that her students were not allowed to enter the library because they were refugees, adding that the teachers will go for a protest regarding this matter.

Meanwhile, Hartini also provided an update from the spokesperson of the library and he had apologised to them, saying that their staff should not have used the word ‘refugee’.

“Good. Sorry accepted. Will you let them in?” Hartini wrote, while adding that her students were still not allowed entry.

According to the spokesperson, only fully vaccinated students are allowed entry and it would likely only be possible in March 2022 as they need to follow the Covid-19 related standard operating procedures (SOPs) by the Health Ministry.

“I told him in March vaccination for students yet to start. He acknowledged. He was not able to give clarification on my question.” Hartini said.

Hartini then said they will be creating their own library after receiving such discrimination.

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