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DoSM Introduces MyPrice Dashboard So Consumers Can Stay Informed About Prices Of Goods

NewsDoSM Introduces MyPrice Dashboard So Consumers Can Stay Informed About Prices Of...

In an effort to help Malaysians become a smart consumers, the Statistics Department (DoSM) has introduced the MyPrice Dashboard that shows the daily price changes in selected essential goods.

The dashboard is developed by DoSM in collaboration with the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry and it shows the daily prices of goods from 7 December.

In a statement, the Chief statistician Datuk Seri Mohd Uzir Mahidin said the MyPrice Dashboard features four main categories of selected essential goods, namely chicken, beef and eggs; vegetables; fish and seafood; and fruits.

Source: DoSM

He also said the price published on MyPrice Dashboard is based on three sources, consisting of prices obtained from the Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry’s monitoring, data crawling, and price collection by DoSM staff at selected outlets.

“MyPrice Dashboard will be updated regularly for the benefit of the rakyat as well as the government particularly in monitoring price changes,” he said, reported Bernama.

Source: Johor Kini

Meanwhile, the MyPrice Dashboard consists of 36 selected essential goods, including 12 goods under the Keluarga Malaysia Maximum Price Scheme, and currently covers 137 selected outlets throughout Malaysia.

Uzir also said the 36 items were selected based on the most consumed and preferred items by most households in Malaysia.

“MyPrice Dashboard aims to supply the various parties with daily prices of those goods and allow the government to monitor and analyse the trend of any price changes,” he said, adding that the dashboard will be a reliable source to help households obtain better information.

For example, he said the price of 1 kg of Indian mackerel at the Selayang Baru wet market in Selangor decreased to RM20 on 26 December compared to RM24 on 7 December, while the price of the same fish at Precinct 8, Putrajaya’s wet market, was consistent at RM20 per kg since 7 December.

Meanwhile, Uzir also said that the recent floods did not cause any major impact on the over prices of goods.

“Nevertheless, it is expected there may be a tendency of an increase for goods that experienced a sharp rise in demand such as household appliances,” he said. 

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