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Seri Duta 1 Condominium Found To Be Unsafe After Partial Landslide, DBKL Monitoring The Situation

NewsSeri Duta 1 Condominium Found To Be Unsafe After Partial Landslide, DBKL...

The Seri Duta 1 Condominium in Taman Duta, Kuala Lumpur has been found to be unsafe for occupation due to a partial landslide, the Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) said.

In a statement, DBKL said the management of the condominium had immediately evacuated residents living in units found unsafe for occupation, after the partial landslide near the residence.

DBKL said Kumpulan Ikram Sdn Bhd has been appointed as the consultant to analyse the safety of the building and the slope stiffness.

Source: Prop Social

The preliminary study conducted by Ikram and observations by the Slope Division of the Public Works Department (PWD) found signs of impending danger and risk to the occupants of the condominium and residents on land owned by the Federal Land Commission (PTP).

“This is because there have been signs of soil movement that have affected the building structure. Among the signs of soil movement are damaged columns, surface tension cracks and floor cracks.”

Source: China Press

“These signs show that the area is not safe and will pose a risk to the residents of Kondominium Sri Duta 1 and occupants of the federal-owned land.”

The condominium has 14 blocks and each block has 3 to 6 floors. According to DBKL, 4 blocks are affected, involving 34 residential units of Block 60/62, 64/66, 94/96, and 98/100.

DBKL also advises the residents in the affected units to move, while slope and building restoration works are being carried out and the progress will be reviewed by DBKL and Ikram.

DBKL said it will be cooperating with the property manager and relevant authorities to address soil movement on the hill slope surrounding the property.

This is the third high-rise residential building to be evacuated over the past week following the massive floods in the Klang Valley last week.

On 21 December, residents of the Indahria Apartment in Shah Alam and Bangsar Indah condominium were evacuated after the premises were found structurally unsafe.

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