Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“Rollerwa” – New Korean Indoor Roller-Skating place is now open in 1 Utama

Social News“Rollerwa” - New Korean Indoor Roller-Skating place is now open in 1...

Rollerwa, a Korean indoor roller-skating place is now open at One Utama (1U) shopping mall, District K, Level 1.

Spanning approximately 17,000sqft, this will be the rink’s third outlet aside from those in Bundang and Dongtan, South Korea.

According to the official Facebook of Rollerwa Malaysia, quad skates are available at the place, but not inline skates.

The admission fee is RM12, while a 2 hour session that includes the rental of the skating rink, skate shoes and safety gear is RM38 for adults, RM28 for children under 18 years old.

For the 1-day rental, however, the price is RM68 for adults and RM58 for children aged below 18 years old. Although the price seems a little expensive, the skating shoes are all brand-new looking and even have multiple colours to choose from. 

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