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MySejahtera’s new update require Bluetooth to be on to allows Live Contact Tracing & removes Check-Out Button

MySejahtera is introducing a new Bluetooth feature that will allow more accurate tracing of COVID-19 positive cases’ close contacts.

On Monday, 27 December, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin tweeted that the new update called ‘MySJ Trace’ will identify people in close proximity with other users who activate the feature. The app will give users live information on the number of interactions they have with other users.

“If you are confirmed positive, you can send the interaction data to the Ministry of Health (MOH) for contact tracing processes. All interaction data is anonymised,” he explained.

MySejahtera users will first have to grant the app permission to use the new feature.

MOH said MySJ Trace uses an anonymised Unique User ID (UUID) system and does not collect user information or geolocations.

“This data is only accessible by the MOH and is stored on the user’s device for a period of 14 days,” the ministry assured.

“Overall, the contact tracking and data storage process is also secure and its secrecy is guaranteed by the government.”

Meanwhile, Khairy added the public is highly encouraged to activate the new feature, especially when going to public places in an indoor setting.

With the more efficient Bluetooth technology, Khairy said MySejahtera users also no longer need to check out after leaving any premises. He said the new update will remove the check out button on the app.

He added that the new update has been rolled out to Google, Apple, and Huawei. However, as of writing, only Huawei AppGallery users can see the update so far.


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