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Ambulance Forced To Give Way For PDRM Escort Convoy Of VIPs

Social NewsAmbulance Forced To Give Way For PDRM Escort Convoy Of VIPs

The Malaysian government and its ministers had been under heavy criticism for its poor response to the massive floods that hit several states in the country. However, these controversial actions by our ministers just keep making the headlines.

Recently, a viral video showing an ambulance and another Health Ministry (KKM) vehicle forced to give way for a Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) escort convoy of VIPs at an intersection has caught the attention of many.

The video was shared by a Twitter user @syzwnrose and he wrote “Lives can wait, VIP gets to use the road first #maluapabossku” in the caption, with many netizen shared the same response as the Twitter user, questioning the misplaced priority.

The 29-second video has garnered over 23,300 likes and 34,400 retweets at the time of writing.

In the video, a PDRM escort can be seen halting traffic at an intersection to give way for several vehicles carrying VIPs to an unspecified location. The vehicles being escorted include a Proton Perdana and several Toyota Vellfire, which was being has replaced in becoming the official vehicle for Ministers in Malaysia earlier this year.

Meanwhile, Selangor’s Head of Traffic Investigation and Enforcement Department (JSPT) Supt. Azman Shari’at has responded to the situation and said the distance of the lead vehicle was close to the intersection and the action was taken by the police to avoid the lead vehicle from colliding with the incoming traffic.

In a statement, he said that the decision was made by the traffic personnel and it is in accordance with the provisions under Traffic Rule No. 9 LN 166/1959 of the Road Transport Act 1987.


“In the situation shown in the video, if traffic members at the intersection give priority to 4×4 drives and ambulances belonging to the Red Crescent Society that want to exit the junction to the main road, it is an action that will create the risk of accidents and endanger road users.”

“Therefore, the convoy on the main road has been given the priority route to avoid accidents in addition to taking into account the initial assessment that has been carried out by the traffic personnel.” Azman said.

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