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“It’s Just A Box” Woman In Viral Video After Allegedly Taking Oven From Mydin Explains

The managing director of Mydin Hypermarket, Datuk Dr Ameer Ali Mydin had previously pardoned the flood victims who had looted his store in Taman Sri Muda, Shah Alam in order to survive the flood.

However, things took a quick twist after a viral video showed a man and a woman exiting the same Mydin store with a cardboard box that showed a picture of an oven on the outside.

Both the man and woman had since then received a barrage of criticisms from netizens for taking an oven even though the electricity supply in the area had not resumed.

Some netizen even made fun of them, saying they needed the oven to make brownies and make ends meet.

Nonetheless, the woman in the video has come forth to explain herself in a video posted to Twitter.

In the video, she denied claims that she was taking an oven from Mydin and explained that she only used the huge box to carry food such as biscuits and supplies to feed her hungry children at home.

She said her children had not eaten for 3 days and there was no point for her to bring home an oven instead of food.

She also apologised for causing such a misunderstanding, adding that she has made a police report to clarify the matter.

Some netizens accepted her explanation and called for the others to put the issue to rest. However, some remained skeptical and questioned whether her explanation was real.

Nonetheless, this incident reminds us to not be quick to judge another person’s actions, especially when we are in desperate times.


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