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2022 Tesla Model 3 in Malaysia, priced from RM289k tax free

Lifestyle2022 Tesla Model 3 in Malaysia, priced from RM289k tax free

Although Tesla doesn’t officially sell vehicles in Malaysia, the Malay Vehicle Importers and Traders Association of Malaysia (PEKEMA) is importing Tesla models to Malaysia following the EV tax exemption proposals in Budget 2022.

Meanwhile, PEKEMA also hopes to sell 500 Tesla EVs every year for two years of the tax exemption period.

PEKEMA has released the pricing for all the imported Tesla models, with the cheapest one being a new Tesla Model 3 from Hong Kong priced at RM288,888. This is a big improvement compared to when it used to cost RM523k to get a Model 3 in 2019.

However, the RM289k Hong Kong model will have restrictions on some apps which means no on-board games or internet browser. If you want those features, PEKEMA is also importing from the UK, but those models will be more expensive.

If you’re not a fan of the brochure design for whatever reason, here is the full transcribed pricing list:

  • Tesla Model S, Basic S – RM712,656
  • Tesla Model S, S Plaid – RM878,256
  • Tesla Model 3, Rear Wheel Drive – RM323,928
  • Tesla Model 3, Long Range – RM370,728
  • Tesla Model X, Basic X – RM817,128
  • Tesla Model X, X Plaid – RM950,328
  • Tesla Model Y, Long Range – RM417,528
  • Tesla Model Y, Performance – RM489,528

Here is the information about additional costs for colour:

  • White (Free)
  • Black (+RM6,600)
  • Silver Metalic (+RM6,600)
  • Deep Blue (+RM6,600)
  • Red Multi Coat (+RM12,600)

This is the pricing information about additional costs for wheels:

  • 19 inches (Free – Model Y)
  • 20 inches (+RM12,600 – Model Y)
  • 18 inches (Free – Model 3)
  • 19 inches (+RM9,000 – Model 3)
  • 22 inches (+RM33,000)

The purchase of a Tesla vehicle from PEKEMA will also come with additional services and benefits, such as eight years of battery/electric motor warranty and four years for other hardware. They claim to have technicians who were trained in Tesla Singapore, so you shouldn’t have to ship the car to another country for a minor repair.

They can also help you install a local SIM card in your Tesla vehicle so you can enable software updates, but this will cost extra. For charging, Malaysian Tesla customers can use PEKEMA’s seven DC fast-charging stations. They plan to increase that number to 12 by the end of this year and up to 1,000 stations by 2025.

PEKEMA is working on bringing Tesla vehicles from Australia and New Zealand as well, which might change the price and availability in the future. PEKEMA VP Raja Petra Marudin said “We also hope the government will consider our application to bring in Tesla units through Tesla Singapore, which will further facilitate logistics for customers”.

Since there is no official Tesla presence in Malaysia, these are still classified as grey imports. According to Tesla’s official guide for grey ownership, “Tesla does not service grey vehicles in grey markets where Tesla has no service presence.

At Tesla’s sole discretion, Tesla may service grey vehicles in core markets with some limitations.” It is unclear if these models will receive full functionality, but PEKEMA will perform map system updates and navigation for use in Malaysia (for units imported from the UK).

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