Friday, December 9, 2022

Unifi: Submarine Cable Fault Causes Slow Web Browsing Nationwide

NewsUnifi: Submarine Cable Fault Causes Slow Web Browsing Nationwide

Telekom Malaysia (TM) has revealed that Unifi customers throughout Malaysia may experience slow Internet speed at the moment.

According to Unifi’s service alert section, this is due to a submarine cable fault and affects not only fibre users, but also mobile and Streamyx customers as well.

However, Unifi did not reveal the name of the actual submarine cable that was causing the problem.

There were several suspects including Asia-Africa-Europe-1Asia Pacific Gateway, and Asia American Gateway based on several news articles throughout the world. All 3 submarine cables do have Malaysia as part of their route, but the news articles were already several days old.

Meanwhile, it is not clear whether the submarine cable fault has affected other ISPs and there is always a possibility there.

In a later update regarding the slow web browsing experience that Unifi and Streamyx customers may have experiencing, Unifi mentioned the fault happened somewhere in North Asia.

Unifi also said the fault has also increased the latency for Discord and Uplay PC users as well as Valorant and League of Legends players.

Through the notice, TM has also revised the estimated recovery time from 11:00 PM on 25 December to 4 a.m. on 26 December as the company optimise its traffic using other international links.

While your browsing experience may have been restored, the submarine cable fault has not been fully resolved at the time of writing and it may time some time for Unifi to restore its services to its tip-top condition.

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