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MySejahtera new feature does not require you to check out

MySejahtera users now will no longer need to check out every time they leave a place, once they have the new MySejahtera Trace (MySJ Trace) feature.

The science, technology and innovation ministry (Mosti) in collaboration with the health ministry has introduced the additional function to the MySejahtera application which can be downloaded starting today.

The new function can also help detect close contacts of positive Covid-19 cases using Bluetooth technology.

Mosti, in a statement, said the MySJ Trace function was developed to meet the needs of the Search, Test, Trace, Isolation, Support (FTTIS) programme, which is used by the health ministry to control the spread of Covid-19 infection.

“To ensure the effectiveness of close contact detection activities, users must activate Bluetooth on their mobile devices at all times.

“When an individual is confirmed positive for Covid-19, a notification will be sent via the MySejahtera application to obtain permission to share their close contact information,” the statement said.

If the individual gives permission, MySejahtera will give the health ministry access so it can conduct a risk assessment on the close contact data detected via Bluetooth. The health ministry can then identify and track the close contacts.

However, if an individual tested positive for Covid-19 does not give consent, MySejahtera will not give access to the health ministry and close contact detection activities will have to be done manually.

“The MySJ Trace application uses an ‘anonymized Unique User ID’ (UUID) and does not collect user information and geo-location. This data can only be accessed by the health ministry and is stored in the user’s device for 14 days,” the statement said.

“The entire process of contact tracing and data storage also guarantees security and confidentiality.”


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