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About 200 Tonnes Of Flood Waste Collected In KL In Just 4 Days

About 200 tonnes of bulk flood waste was collected in 13 areas in the flood-landed city in the past 4 days.

SWCorp’s Federal Territory Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation director Ummi Kalthum Shuib said they had collected a total of 12.09 tonnes of bulk flood waste on Monday, followed by 46.59 tonnes on Tuesday, Wednesday (61.02 tonnes) and Thursday (80.85 tonnes).

She added that the data showed that waste in Kuala Lumpur alone had increased by at least 300 tonnes daily, reported Berita Harian.

“Previously, the daily average waste was 2,200 tonnes but due to the floods, the total waste collected per day reached 2,500 tonnes per day.”

Source: The Star

“The most bulk waste collected at the flood-affected locations are furniture and electrical equipment,” she said.

Ummi said the wastes were then transported to the Kuala Lumpur Transfer Station (KLTS) in Taman Beringin. After which, they compacted to be transported via a ‘prime mover’ or loaded into a ‘super roro’ before being sent to the Bukit Tagar Landfill.

She added that SWCorp, Alam Flora Sdn Bhd, and Kuala Lumpur City Hall were involved in disposing of the bulk wastes from the flood.

Source: Malaysiakini

“The collection of flood waste is expected to be completed by 27 December, but it may continue until 31 December as house owners increase their flood-related cleaning.

“Affected residents are requested to remove all damaged items by 26 December to enable them to be collected,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ummi also advised the public to segregate damaged or partially damaged items according to categories, for example, separate items that are damaged, while electrical items and damaged batteries are segregated to be disposed of as e-waste later.

As for fabric waste, she said those need to be washed, dried and collected to be sent to the fabric waste bins.

“Dirty domestic waste or food should be disposed of in green bins, as the collection will be done according to schedule. If mixed with bulk flood waste it will damage the bulk waste and cause a strong odour before it can be collected.”

“Al-Quran or documents containing Al-Quran verses needs to be dried and sent to nearby mosques and suraus before it can be picked up by SWCorp and disposed of according to the rules,” she said.

Nonetheless, she hoped that the public will change their attitudes and ways of waste disposal by adopting the Practice of Separation at Source.

“All recycled waste must be separated and removed according to the collection schedule of the respective areas,” she said.

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