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Rina Harun Responds To “Do Not Donate” and High Heels Critics

NewsRina Harun Responds To "Do Not Donate" and High Heels Critics

Women, Family, and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Harun has responded to the criticisms on social media of her wearing high heels at a flood relief centre, saying that she did not have time to change her shoes after attending Bersatu’s general assembly earlier in the day.

She was quoted saying by Utusan that her priority is the disaster victims and she decide to visit at least one centre after the event.

“I would like to inform the public that on that day, Dec 19, I attended the Bersatu general assembly. As I am the head of the women’s wing, I had to be at the assembly,” said the women, family and community development minister.

“I was only able to change my clothes. I forgot about my shoes, because for me, what was more important was for me to be at the (relief) centre to help and look after the welfare of the flood victims,” she said.

Previously, she was criticised for being insensitive after photos of her in high heels at the centre went viral on social media.

However, she said she has gotten used to being criticised by Malaysians as it was common for ministers to be criticised for various things.

She also hoped that Malaysians will have a more holistic point of view on the matter and said that we should help each other in such an environment.

“We can easily say or write all sorts of things on social media platforms, but what is our contribution to the flood victims?” Rina Harun said.

Meanwhile, she also said that campaigns such as “#DO NOT DONATE HERE” are inappropriate and Malaysians should ignore it.

She then assured that donations received by the government will be channeled to the target groups.

“The money we raise for disaster relief funds will be given to the people,” Bernama quoted Rina as saying after she visited a flood relief centre in Sepang.

“What we implement (the disaster fund), the donation we can give back to the people. In the current situation, there is no need for such a ‘hashtag’. No matter who, anyone can help as long as the goal is achieved and the recipients benefit, that’s what’s important.” Rina Harun said.

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