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Japan’s Esports High School will be opening in April 2022

If you have a child that might someday be a professional gamer, this might be the right school for him or her. 

Starting next spring, going to school is going to mean going to Shibuya to play games for some Tokyo teens.

Kotaku reported that in April of 2022, a new type of specialty school will open its doors for students and the school is dubbed “Esports High School” in English, or Esports Koutou Gakuin. 

Located in Shibuya, Tokyo, the school is backed by telecom giant NTT’s esports outfit, and also the esports team owned Japanese professional football team, Tokyo Verdy. 

The esports high school will be equipped with 40 Galleria XA7C-R37 gaming PCs with an Intel Core i7-11700 and outfitted with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070 graphics cards. Although the school’s site doesn’t list what exact games students will play, students can expect to experience FPS, Third-person shooter, RTS, and MOBA.

The teachers who will be working at the school are selected among gamers and industry professionals, who will provide their expertise to the students. They will not only focus on video games but also learn the standard Japanese high school curriculum. 

Students who join Esports High School will have a variety of careers that they can venture into in the future as listed on the website. Among the careers are VR creator, game writer, 3DCG designer, game designer, special effects creator, programmer, streamer and esports professional gamer.


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