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Police Officers Allegedly Stole Flood Victim’s Food Ordered Through Grab, Making Her Leave Empty Handed

The flood victims are already going through tough times and many were struggling to survive due to the scarcity of food, drinkable water and other basic necessities.

Instead of helping them, some just decide to make fun of them and put them in a worse situation.

Recently, a Twitter user @AndreaReetika had shared the unfortunate story of her cousin, who was a victim of the floods, saying how she burst into tears after she found out the policemen have eaten the food she ordered through Grab.

Andrea also shared a screenshot of the victim’s Instagram story and the conversation where she complained about her unfortunate incident.

In the Instagram story, the victim said she had ordered food from Grab and due to safety reasons, the Grab rider asked her to pick up the food at a police tent which was 1-hour walk away.

After having walked all the way there, she was surprised to find that her food had already been taken and eaten by the policemen that were stationed there.

Source: Twitter

“They put all of the trash inside and stared at me. I told them that’s my food and I ordered it from Grab because there was a receipt on the plastic. But the police just told me to go back saying it’s dangerous to stand there.”

To end her statement, she pointed out that volunteers were actually the only ones who have been helping the flood victims, instead of the authorities.

Her story sparked a huge uproar among netizens, with many expressed their anger towards the police force.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, in the conversation between Andrea and her cousin, the victim said she did not manage to see the names of the policemen, adding that she broke down after been through such unfortunate incident.

“The police guys… they were all at an elder age. They looked at me like I’m a kid.” she said.

Everybody is going through difficult times now and apart from bullying, stealing other people’s food isn’t right too.

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