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Youth & Sports Ministry Caught Stealing Flood Volunteer’s Hard Work, Claiming It Theirs

Social NewsYouth & Sports Ministry Caught Stealing Flood Volunteer's Hard Work, Claiming It...

Since the flood broke out in central Malaysia, some politicians had gone down to the ground to help the victims. However, some of them were not there to seriously help the victims, but more for publicity.

Recently, the Youth and Sports Ministry (KBS) had came under fire after they allegedly plagiarised the hard work done by the locals who volunteered to help clean up the homes of flood victims in Bangi, Selangor.

The story started when KBS’s official social media pages posted several photos with a caption that said how their “Post-Flood Volunteer Squad” is working with the volunteers from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) to tidy up people’s homes in Kampung Bangi Lama and Kampung Bangi Tambahan.


The photos showed several individuals washing up the mud and silt that were left after the floodwater recedes.

In a later posting, KBS said a total of 126 volunteers from non-government organizations (NGO), sports organizations, the Scouts Association, and UKM students were involved in relief efforts in Bangi, and they are inviting more youths to join in.

However, a quick scroll through the comment section showed that the postings are actually misleading.

Several netizens had voiced out that the cleanup effort shown in the photos had nothing to do with the ministry and it was participated only by the local Bangi residents.

Source: Twitter

“Laaa, everyone in the pictures is villagers, not volunteers from KBS. Since when did they become KBS volunteers?” a netizen wrote.

“Please check your caption. I’m in the picture. When did I join KBS’s Post-Flood Volunteer Squad? For the admin’s information, the people in the pictures are all local Kampung Bangi youths. Not with KBS,” another netizen explained, urging KBS’s social media admins to clarify their statement and not claim others’ hard work as their own.

However, these comments were soon removed by the social media admins and disappeared from the postings. However, netizens still managed to get a screenshot of those comments.

Source: NST

Since then, Malaysians started bombarding KBS’s social media pages with criticisms that said KBS had lied about what was actually happening and taking credits for the people’s efforts.

Meanwhile, almost every single flood-related postings made by KBS now had people questioning whether the information being shared was valid and if the relief efforts were actually being participated by KBS volunteers.

After all these, the KBS Minister Datuk Seri Ahmad Faizal Azumu did not issue any response to the matter.

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