Wednesday, March 29, 2023

“Only Immigrants Came To Save Us” Brave Mak Cik Confronts Minister On Failure To Respond To Floods

News"Only Immigrants Came To Save Us" Brave Mak Cik Confronts Minister On...

Malaysians are applauding this Mak Cik for her courage to confront the Entrepreneur Development and Cooperatives Minister Tan Sri Noh Omar, criticising the authorities right in their face for their incompetence in handling the disaster.

Recently, a video of a flood victim venting out her frustrations to the Selangor BN Chairman went viral on social media, with her complaining that agencies should be fast to react to the critical situation faced by Hulu Langat residents.

In the conversation, she said the actions taken by the authorities were not good enough, adding that she had tried calling government agencies but none of them turned up to help them.

Source: Malay Mail

“I did that just to seek help for the 30 people trapped in their houses, but none turned up.” she said.

She also mentioned that she had contacted the Fire and Rescue Department, the Civil Defense Department (JPAM), and the military camp over in Sungai Besi.

“We phoned government agencies, no action was taken in our time in critical condition, none of the government agencies came to help us, why did the government agencies only come in the morning at a time when the water has receded?” she said, adding that water levels were already reaching the roof of their homes.

She then said even though JPAM was there to help, they only had 3 boats in the entire area, which is clearly not enough to help all the residents stranded.

“Of course, Tan Sri, three boats are not enough to help all the residents of Hulu Langat, this is common sense right? Tan Sri? Where did our army go?”

“In 2014, I was also one of the flood victims involved, the water was only at thigh level, but the army was there to help us.” she said, adding that those who came in sampan to rescue children who were stranded on a rooftop were 3 Indonesian citizens.

Meanwhile, netizens showed their support for the Mak Cik for voicing out and criticising the authorities.

They also praised her for keeping her composure while blasting at the minister, despite the hardships the residents had to go through.

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