Monday, January 30, 2023

Famous Jewellery & Accessories Store In KLCC Under Fire For Bullying Its Junior Staff

Social NewsFamous Jewellery & Accessories Store In KLCC Under Fire For Bullying Its...

Bullying does not only happen at schools, but in workplaces too!

Recently, a Twitter thread by netizen @Nicholas_Gomez had gone viral on social media, exposing a bullying incident that happened in a famous fashion jewellery and accessories store in a mall in KLCC.

According to Nicholas, the new staff was allegedly being bullied by her senior staff, who made her scrub the entire shop floor with wet wipes without any proper safety gear, such as disposable gloves.

Source: Twitter

In addition, the new staff had to look up from the floor to answer customer questions, which was probably as uncomfortable and awkward for the customer as it is for her.

Commenting on the matter, Nicholas said he and his wife are regular customers at the store and they assumed that she was a new girl as they did not recognise her. He added that they have never seen any of the regular staff doing such act too.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, what made Nicholas mad was the fact that the new staff was being treated in such a demeaning and humiliating way.

Nicholas then confronted the manager of the store directly, but they were brushed off without given a valid reason for the treatment of this staff.

Source: Twitter

Naturally, netizens were shocked and angered by this incident, with many calling out to the company’s official social media account, requesting them to take action against the senior staff or manager of that particular store.

Some also pointed out that Malaysians generally have a bad habit of closing an eye towards unacceptable behaviour due to our culture of keeping silent. Unfortunately, this will only allow such mistreatment to continue.

Bullying, whether in schools or at workplaces, has to be stopped. Nobody deserved to be treated as such.

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