Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Car Thief Active In Shah Alam, Hijacking Flood Victim’s Car

Social NewsCar Thief Active In Shah Alam, Hijacking Flood Victim's Car

The devastating floods that hit central Malaysia over the weekends have stranded many cars and victims were forced to leave their vehicles behind as they run for their lives.

However, some irresponsible parties made use of this unfortunate event to hijack and steal these cars, or perhaps strip their parts for reselling.

Fortunately, this scheme was uncovered by a netizen who managed to stop the thief from driving away in the lorry with some help from friends and her niece.

According to Instagram user @wangi_by_cinta, the incident took place near AEON Big, Section 23 in Shah Alam and the thief had his eyes on her Honda City.

The netizen said her car was already moved onto the lorry when she realised what happened. After which, her friends and her niece managed to block the lorry from driving away.

Source: Twitter

Meanwhile, it seems that the thief is out there looking for his next victim. The netizen pointed out that the thief did not change their location and is still looking for vehicles in Section 23 in Shah Alam.

One of the netizens also found out that the lorry’s plate number is a fake.

After this incident, the netizen advised others to immediately take back their cars from the road to prevent other car thieves from stealing theirs.

In the comment section, Malaysians expressed their anger towards the car thief and hoped the person will be caught and punished accordingly.

However, some said it is better for the thieves to steal the flooded cars as it is covered by insurance.

Nonetheless, stealing is still wrong despite these difficult times.

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