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Apple Inc Plans To Donate To Flood Relief Aid But Malaysians Advised Them Not To Donate To The Govt

Malaysia’s devastating flood in the central regions had been all over the press and there were many kind and generous souls who offered to help the victims of these natural disasters.

On Tuesday (21 December), the CEO of Apple.Inc, Tim Cook has announced that the company will be contributing ‘relief, recovery, and longer-term rebuilding efforts’ for Typhoon-affected countries such as Malaysia and Phillippines.

While it was supposed to be great news for the victims, Malaysians are responding to Tim’s tweet by advising him not to send the donations and reliefs through the Malaysian government.

“Please don’t send the donations to Malaysia’s government. You can reach out all the NGOs in Malaysia to send the donation. Thank you.” a netizen commented.

“Thanks for your concern Mr. Cook, however please divert the funds to reliable NGOs instead of the Malaysian government. They have failed badly in crisis management in times like these and I foresee that the funds will be mismanaged in their hands.” another netizen wrote.

Source: Zaim Mohzani

Meanwhile, a netizen also pointed out that the government may just steal most of the money donated to the victims, leaving only the people to help themselves.

Nonetheless, the Philippines shared the same concerns, requesting the Apple CEO to channel the funds through the NGOs or to the office of the Vice President instead.

“Please send your donations to the Office of the Vice President @lenirobredo , rest assured your help will go to whomever it is intended. It will not be corrupted if handled by OVP.” a netizen wrote.

“This will undoubtedly be of great assistance to the Filipinos affected by the typhoon, but please collaborate with a trustworthy team known for transparency as well, such as the Office of the Vice President @lenirobredo@VPPilipinas” another netizen said.

With that, this simply shows that corruption in these countries is so widespread that the people no longer trust their own government.

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