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Rina Harun Organises A Grand Ceremony For Flood Relief, Gains Criticisms From Malaysians

Source: Twitter

Following the massive floods that landed in the central Malaysia region, the Malaysian government and its various ministries had recently received a barrage of criticisms on how the disaster was being managed.

Ever since the massive floods were circulated on the press and social media, some ministries had organised launching ceremonies to announce what they are going to do to help aid flood relief.

Source: Twitter

Nonetheless, these grand ceremonies for flood relief drew backlashes on social media as netizens express their disapproval over the event.

Recently, a poster of Women, Family, and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Rina Mohd Harun and the event venue has drawn another round of criticisms after being circulated on both Facebook and Twitter.

Obviously, the poster did not go down well on social media and most netizens asked her to stop all these ceremonies and just get down to the ground to help the people out.

“Instead of you wasting the rakyat’s money with this ceremony, it would be better to hand those funds over to other NGOs,” a netizen said.

“Rina Harun trying hard to win votes in Sepang, where she is rumoured to contest next GE, although her position as a minister can do a lot more for the flood victims especially women and children than kupas bawang. There I fixed that for you.” another netizen gave his opinion.

“Hope Rina Harun returns to being overweight just like before. It’s if she puts on more weight than before.” a netizen expressed his dissatisfaction on the minister.

What do you think about these ceremonies organised by our ministers? Share your thoughts!

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