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Here’s How To Save Your Electrical Appliances After They’ve Been Submerged In Flood Waters

The continuous heavy rain over the weekends had caused many areas in Central Malaysia to be flooded. As the weather improves, the flood may have subside in some areas.

This means that people can now return to their homes and start cleaning the mess up. It is not an easy task, but most Malaysians must be looking forward to salvaging most of their belongings but remember that not everything can be saved! 

According to this netizen, flood victims are advised to not dispose their electrical appliances that have sunk into flood waters.

This is because these electrical appliances may be saved if you follow these steps shared by the netizen.

First, you’ll need to gather all your electrical appliances and wash them with water to get rid of the mud.

Next, open up all the covers or anything else that could be opened until you can see the components inside then wash out the mud. 

However, he advised to not brush the mud off with something hard. If it’s necessary, use a paint brush to rub out stubborn mud. 

When you feel like they are clean enough, dry them under the sun for 2 to 3 days until there is no water or any dampness on the interior components.  

The netizen also said that if you have a hairdryer, blow some hot air on the areas that are hard to dry so that they are thoroughly dried.  

Once you are sure they are properly dried, put back all the covers that you removed and then turn them on to check if they are still functional.  

Hope this guide would be able to help you! Share it with the others if you find this useful.

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