Wednesday, February 1, 2023

PM’s Son-In-Law Denies Escaping Flood With Govt Helicopter

Social NewsPM’s Son-In-Law Denies Escaping Flood With Govt Helicopter

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob’s son-in-law, Jovian Mandagie has recently come under fire as netizens accused him of escaping the flood disaster with a government-owned helicopter over the weekends.

Netizens has taken to social media to voice their dissatisfaction against both the Ismail-led government and Jovian, claiming that Ismail sent a helicopter to son-in-law Jovian Mandagie’s office while others around the country were trapped in their homes by the rising flood waters.

The claims were made by a netizen as she condemns him of misusing the government’s assets for his own purposes.

She even shared some screenshots of Jovian’s series of Instagram stories and pictures on Saturday and Sunday as evidence, showing that he got out of the disaster area.

The first photo showed Jovian complaining about being stuck at his office and missing his family, with another appearing to be a picture taken from an aircraft above a flooded village. He later posted that he had been reunited with his daughter at home.

Meanwhile, Jovian responded to the accusations and said that was not the case, and the helicopter they saw was a private helicopter he had hired.

“Those who know me, you know I am nothing like that,” he said in an Instagram post last night.

“I did not use the government’s asset, there is no way I would use something that is not my right (to use).”

“If you all want to insult me, go ahead. But that is slander.”

Meanwhile, he also responded to the netizens’ question about why he had not used the helicopter to deliver aid, saying that “because it was a commercial helicopter, you cannot open the doors to drop off aid or pick up victims”.

“If you don’t like me, just unfollow me. Please do better to help the nation than just saying things that are not true about me,” he added.

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