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Heavy Flood In Klang Destroys Parcels To Be Delivered in Shah Alam Parcel Hub

Source: Twitter

The massive flood that landed in Klang Valley over the weekends had cause thousands of of people being forced to evacuate from their homes.

The catastrophic disaster has caused millions of damages, but that’s not all about it yet. If you are expecting to receive a parcel in the coming few days, you may need to prepare yourself for the worst case, which is not receiving them.

Source: Twitter

According to a netizen @dontknewler, the flood over the weekends had hit the parcel hub badly and none of the parcels were spared.

In a video shared on TikTok, it can be seen that the parcels, which are expected to be delivered, were floating in the muddy water. The netizen did not disclose the location of the parcel hub, but many believed that the video was taken from the Shah Alam parcel hub.

Meanwhile, many netizens said they do not expect much of their parcels after watching this video. However, one thing for sure that nobody had expected such a disaster.

Some said the damages here could be huge, especially when there are electronic products.

Nonetheless, given that the flood had cut off roads and expressways, delivery service platforms such as Shopee, J&T Express, Ninjavan had took to their official social media accounts to seek for their customers’ apology due to the delay in delivering their parcels.

It is reported that the flood had begun to recede since Sunday (19 December) and it the victims of the flood can soon go back to their homes. However, there is much clean-up to be done afterward.

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