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Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission Under Fire After Releasing Controversial Statement On Apostasy And LGBTQ

Social NewsMalaysia's Human Rights Commission Under Fire After Releasing Controversial Statement On Apostasy...

Malaysia’s Human Rights Commission (SUHAKAM) has recently come under fire after issuing a statement targeting apostate individuals and those in the LGBTQ community. 

In a tweet, the commission has given its unsolicited opinion that emphasized the need to uphold societal and religious norms over equal rights to live, including being LGBTQ.

The statement quickly gain attention from the attention of local activists, where they slammed the organization for taking on a position that runs contrary to what it was supposed to stand for, advocating for equal rights in Malaysia. 

Source: Malay Mail

Meanwhile, it is unsure why did SUHAKAM issue the statement, nor they had explained it, but it is believed that they are referring to the celebrity transwoman Nur Sajat who left for Australia while escaping persecution from local Islamic authorities and attracted global attention.

In the statement titled “Our stance about the freedom of religion and human rights of the LGBT community”, the commission said Muslims are allowed to leave the religion in Malaysia but only with permission from the Islamic Sharia Court, which has so far been granting approvals to those who were mistakenly listed as a “Muslim” when they were born.

SUHAKAM also said that the LGBTQ community in Malaysia enjoys fundamental rights to religion, education, jobs, and medical treatment, but that’s all about it.

“It should be understood that human rights, according to the law, are not equal rights to live against societal and religious norms in this country.”

“Besides fundamental human rights, the rights of the majority should also be preserved so diverse Malaysians may live in harmony,” it added.

SUHAKAM has not issued any response to the criticism it received at the time of writing.

Source: The Straites Times

Nonetheless, netizens had been calling out to the commission to resign from their mandate immediately after sharing such a shameful statement.

A netizen called it a “fucking horrible statement” adding that SUHAKAM had not only throw ex-Muslims under the bus, but they also affirmed the ‘societal rights’ to oppress the LGBTQ community.

Another netizen said it is not acceptable for the defender of human rights to release such a statement.

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