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Ismail: Personal Interests And Political Differences Causes Disunity Among Malaysians

NewsIsmail: Personal Interests And Political Differences Causes Disunity Among Malaysians

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob has mentioned that personal interests and political differences and growing hostility in the people can lead to disunity among members of the Keluarga Malaysia (Malaysia Family).

He added that politics should be a platform of unifications, but we are separated by our political differences.

He admitted this is a huge challenge that needs to be addressed not only by leaders but by all members of the Malaysian Family, so as to ensure the long-term stability in the country.

Source: Herald Malaysia

“If the country is politically unstable, certain quarters, either domestic or foreign, will try to take advantage to continue destroying the prevailing unity we have.” he said during the opening the National Unity Congress yesterday (18 December).

Ismail then said racial unity had existed in Malaysia for so long as the principle had been preserved among the people in the spirit of goodwill and harmony.

He said his government has upheld this principle and as soon as he took over as the Prime Minister, he had taken the initiative to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Transformation and Political Stability with Pakatan Harapan on 13 September.

Source: The Star

He then requested that every member in the family to practise mutual respect and to refrain from bringing up and discussing sensitive issues.

“Avoid everything that could cause disunity such as libel and slander, rumours and prejudice. Check and double-check everything that we heard before believing it and always appreciate the value of unity.” he was quoted saying by Bernama.

Meanwhile, Ismail also expressed appreciation for organising the National Unity Congress, which aimed at promoting unity in Keluarga Malaysia and to realising the aspiration to cement closer ties between leaders and the people, in addition to strengthen racial unity and harmony for the wellbeing of the people and stability of the country.

Source: Facebook

“It is also in line with the concept of Keluarga Malaysia introduced by the government to assure race and religious harmony.” he said.

Ismail also hoped that the congress will become a platform for knowledge sharing among the participants to reassess the aspects of unity in the country and to find the best mechanism in tackling racial issues according to the current situation and challenges.

“Closer cooperation among the scholars and political leaders is very much needed to get the best formula to preserve the prevailing unity and harmony for the future generations.” he added.

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