Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Electrical Substation In Shah Alam Allegedly Exploded After Heavy Flood Hits

Social NewsElectrical Substation In Shah Alam Allegedly Exploded After Heavy Flood Hits

The heavy downpour that lasted for days continued to wreak havoc across the country. Many were forced to evacuate their house after the rain causes a surge in waters levels.

Meanwhile, the flood was reported to have caused an electrical substation in Shah Alam to explode last night (18 December), causing blackouts in the area.

It is the main electrical substation for the Shah Alam too.

The scene was recorded by a YouTube channel, Keep it Riyal, and the 27-second video showed flames shooting up in the sky, followed by a loud bang.

Following this, a bright flash came from the place, indicating another round of explosions.

According to the YouTube channel, this took place at the Glenmarie electrical substation.

However, there is no official statement regarding the incident at the time of writing.

Meanwhile, NST reported that Shah Alam and Klang were among the worst-hit areas in the Klang Valley, with surging waters cutting off access to roads and adjoining expressways, leaving numerous people stranded in their vehicles.

The residents there then rallied on social media to request help from the authorities.

The hashtag #DaruratBanjir also went trending on Twitter, with social media users applying it to call for help, offer help as well as send words of encouragement to flood victims.

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