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M’sian Woman Sexually Harassed By Trolley Attendant In A KL Mall

Social NewsM'sian Woman Sexually Harassed By Trolley Attendant In A KL Mall

Sexual harassment is nothing uncommon in Malaysia and unfortunately most women have experienced some form of sexual harassment in their everyday lives.

Recently, a woman was left in tears after experiencing such an unfortunate incident first-hand in a mall in Kuala Lumpur.

In a live Instagram video, Racheal Kwacz was visibly distressed and was about to break into tears as she shares how she was being harassed by a trolley attendant in a parking lot at one of the shopping malls in Kuala Lumpur, 163 Retail Park.

She explain that she went to buy groceries with her husband and daughter but she feel something odd while on their way back to their car. She added that she noticed a trolley attendant was following her family close from behind.

Source: Instagram

After they have done loading their groceries in the car, her daughter wanted to use the restroom, so she asked for her husband’s help to take her daughter as she passed the shopping cart to the trolley attendant.

She then got into the car while waiting for her husband and daughter to come back. However, the trolley attendant did not leave and he hung around her car while as he kept his sight on her.

Racheal thought he was just around to wait for more trolleys or tips, but she was wrong. The trolley attendant walked over to her car and asked her to roll down her car window.

“I wind down my window and he says, ‘hey, don’t mind me. I just wanted you to know that you’re really pretty. You’re really sexy, tell me where you live’.” she said.

Racheal did not feel comfortable at the moment and she quickly wound up the window and locked the doors. She also texted her husband to quickly come back to their car.

Meanwhile, the guy left the scene before her husband returned to the car with their daughter. Of course, the matter did not rest just there and Rachel went to lodge a report to the mall’s management.

After explaining what happened, the woman on the other end of the line laughed at Racheal and asked her “So he praised and complimented you and you feel threatened?”

After that, she said she now understands why people do not normally report such instances as most do not understand why it is wrong and the victims get made fun of instead of being heard.

Meanwhile, 163 Retail Park had since then released an official statement through their Facebook page, explaining that they will take all incidents seriously and thorough investigation will be conducted.

“We are also co-operating and liaising with the relevant parties to investigate the case. We would like to ensure that the management team is at all time attentive to security issues and places a high importance on safety and security for shoppers.” the management of 163 Retail Park said.

Nonetheless, we would hope that all ladies be mindful of their surroundings and be courageous to speak up. These issues need to be made known and aware by all parties.

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