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Teacher Receives An SUV As A Retirement Gift, All Paid For By His Students

Social NewsTeacher Receives An SUV As A Retirement Gift, All Paid For By...

“The influence of a good teacher can never be erased”

Recently, a teacher from Tunku Kursiah College (TKC), Ahmad, received a car as a farewell and retirement gift from his students. He had never imagined his students, past and present had prepared such a grand sendoff.

According to Ahmad, he totally had no idea about the gift and was genuinely surprised by it.

Harian Metro reported that the special gift, a Perodua Aruz, priced from RM68,526 to RM73,226 in the market, was from 38 of his students who studied at TKC Bukit Merbah and Bandar Baru Enstek from 1980 until now.

In addition, the car registration number AMD 8521 is Ahmad’s name, as well as the year he started teaching and retired.

Ahmad said he did not expect to receive such a grand gift, especially in the ending parts of his career as an educator.

Source: Kolej Tunku Kurshiah

“As long as I am a teacher, it was common to receive gifts from students, however, I lost my words when I was surprised with the gift (SUV) during the day.”

“I never imagined receiving the gift, in fact, I was very touched by the appreciation given by the students.” he said.

Meanwhile, Ahmad had been teaching for 35 years and he had gained tremendous experience throughout his journey.

“If given a choice, I will still choose the profession as a teacher and can’t say I’m satisfied because, in the end, there are still shortcomings despite trying various ways to impart knowledge. It never crossed my mind to stop teaching but I was disappointed. Not because of the students but because the sense of effort sown is not enough to help them students.”

“Honestly, nothing is too bitter or sweet because all the experiences have their advantages and given me various lessons.” he said.

Ahmad added now that he had retired, he will be spending more time with his family.

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